Bubble Snakes

I found this fun, easy, cheap way to have fun with bubbles on a blog called The Muddy Princess.


  • Plastic water bottle
  • Old wash cloth (that you don’t mind cutting up)
  • Rubber band
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • Shallow bowl


First, you cut the bottom of the bottle off and attach the washcloth to the bottom with a rubber band. Second, you fill your bowl with a good squirt of dish soap and some water.

I first had my 5 year old son practice blowing (not inhaling) into the bottle.  Making sure he knew that if he inhaled that the bubbles will come into his mouth. (which wouldn’t be pleasant)

Next dip the bottom of the bottle into the soapy water and blow into the top of the bottle. If you blow slowly the result will be a huge snake bubble.  It was fun seeing just how long we could make our snakes.

Unfortunately my 2 year old is a little too young to understand that she shouldn’t breathe in when trying to do this activity…but she had fun playing with the bubbles her brother made.