Spin Art

Spin Art

Are you searching for a colorful and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages? Look no further than spin art! This exciting craft involves using a salad spinner and some paint to create stunning and one-of-a-kind designs that are sure to impress.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your own spin art masterpiece, and share some helpful tips for making the experience fun and successful.

Tips for Success

Spin art can be a very messy activity, so be sure to cover your workspace with newspaper or a drop cloth to protect it from paint splatters. You may also want to have your kids wear a smock or old clothes to avoid getting paint on their clothes.

Another important tip is to be patient and let each spin take its time. It can be tempting to rush through the activity, but the best results come from taking it slow and allowing the paint to fully spread and mix.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Spin art is all about experimentation and having fun, so don’t worry too much about the final product. The process of creating it is the most important part.

Supplies for Spin Art:

  • Salad Spinner
  • Acrylic Paint – in various colors
  • Thick Paper – such as construction paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Scissors
  • Jelly Roll Pan or any baking sheet


Step 1:  Place the salad spinner basket on a sheet of paper and trace around the bottom of it.  Stack multiple papers together and cut them out at the same time.

Step 2:  Place your salad spinner on top of a baking sheet to contain the paint.  Then place one of the circles that you cut out inside the salad spinner.

These are the acrylic paints we used.

Step 3:  Grab the paint and start letting your kids squirt away.

My 2-year old needed to be shown how to dab small drops of paint onto the paper.  Initially she squirted huge globs of paint…but she quickly learned how to spread it out.

Step 4:  Put the lid on and spin.

Samples of our fun creations!

Mess contained = Easy clean-up = Happy mom!

Expanding the Fun with Spin Art

Want to take your spin art experience to the next level? Here are some additional ideas to try:

  • Create spin art on other surfaces, such as fabric or canvas.
  • Use different tools to apply the paint, such as paintbrushes or pipettes.
  • Experiment with different types of paint, such as watercolors or acrylics.
  • Set up a spin art station at a party or event and let your friends join in on the fun.