Choo-Choo! Sight Word Train

My son has had a love for trains since he was a baby, and his love for trains hasn’t wavered.  So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across A Mom With A Lesson Plan’s sight word activity with trains.  How wonderful to incorporate some learning, with something he loves to play with on a daily basis!


  • Trains
  • Train tracks
  • Marker
  • Post-It Notes ® or Blue Tape


We first practiced spelling sight words.  I would place a letter on each train, jumble up the letters, and tell my son to spell a sight word.  In the example pictures, I asked him to spell the words “like” and “can”.

Next, I had him practice forming a sentence (since he is required to write one by the end of the year).  I gave him four words and only gave him the clues on the trains itself.  The first clue is the capital letter (which he knows is at the beginning of a sentence).  The second clue (although it’s hard to see in the picture) is the period at the end of the word “trains”, which he knows comes at the end of the sentence.

Here he formed the sentence “I see blue trains.”

Here is an example of another sentence:  “I like to run.”  Again, I only gave him the four words, and he had to form the sentence himself based on the clues, and knowing how to read the words himself.

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