Bacon & Eggs

I stumbled across these cute bite sized Bacon & Eggs treats on Pinterest, that I couldn’t resist making them.  They were so simple, that it took me less than 15 minutes to make.  Now I just need to figure out a good reason to make them.


  • Wilton white candy melts or white chocolate chips
  • M&Ms
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Wax Paper


Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.  Melt Wilton candy melts, then blob a bit of melted chocolate on the wax paper (about the size of a quarter).

Then add  a yellow m&m in the center of the chocolate.  Break a pretzel stick in half and put your two “bacon strips” along side the egg yolk.

Put in refrigerator so the chocolate can set (about 20-30 min).