Christmas Tree Cupcake Topper


Christmas Tree Cupcake Topper

The holiday season is the perfect time for baking delicious treats and getting creative with decorations. And what better way to combine these two than with DIY Christmas Tree Cupcake Toppers? This family-friendly project is easy, festive, and adds a special touch to your holiday cupcakes.

Please note that this is a mini cupcake.


  • Green metallic pipe cleaner
  • Colored sequins
  • Bamboo Skewer
  • Scissors (not pictured)
  • Glue (not pictured)


Cut the pipe cleaner to desired length. Depending on how tall you want it to be you can cut 4 or 5 branches. Cut the skewer to desired length. Make the tree by gluing the longest stem about an inch to an inch in a half from the bottom of the skewer.  Glue the remaining tree stems onto the skewer in decreasing size.


Glue the sequin star at the top of the tree, and glue the other sequins randomly on the remaining tree stems.

Allow your tree to completely dry for a couple hours.

Use as a topper on a cupcake.

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