Paint Car Tracks – Letter C

Learning the Alphabet

Introducing your child to the alphabet can be a fun and exciting experience for both parents and kids. There are many ways to make learning the alphabet enjoyable and memorable, and painting with cars is just one of them!

Painting with Cars

If you’re looking for a new and creative way to teach your child about the alphabet, try having them paint on the letter “C” using toy cars. This activity not only helps your child recognize the shape of the letter “C” but also provides an opportunity for them to get creative with their cars.

As your child paints on the “C”, they can imagine it as a road for their toy cars, which can spark their imagination and encourage them to think creatively. So, grab some paint, paper, and toy cars, and watch as your child has a blast learning about the letter “C” while exploring their creativity.


  • Paper
  • Toy cars
  • Plates or shallow containers
  • Paint
  • Newspapers or Mat


Cover your table with a mat or newspapers. Prepare paint on plates or shallow containers.


Cut out the letter “C” and place it in the center of your mat.


Place a toy car on a plate of paint and move it back and forth so that the wheels pick up paint.


Roll the car along the letter “C” and you will see the wheels make colorful tracks on paper.


Here are the letter “C”‘s that she painted:

More Car Activities

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