What to Expect Book Review & Giveaway!!!

Teaming up with What To Expect, I am giving away “What to Expect When Expecting”, “What To Expect The First Year” and “What to Expect the Second Year” to 2 lucky readers.  Even if you aren’t pregnant, have older kids, don’t ever want children, or own all these books, you can still enter to win…these books make great gifts to friends who are newly pregnant.

If you’re pregnant or have a new-born I highly recommend What to Expect When Expecting and What To Expect The First Year. They were the go-to resources for my husband and I. In fact, they were generally the first place we’d check if there was anything that surprised or concerned us.

The books provide a weekly/monthly chronology of what to expect (hence the name!) and the answers to just about any question, concern, or fear you can possibly think of. I can recall using them to research vitamins and vaccines, leg cramps, causes of colic, sleep problems, SIDS, sibling matters, weaning, and sippy cups among other things.

I was happy to to see the newest 2008 edition of the ..While You’re Pregnant book has added a little section that my 2002 edition didn’t have: “How to Freak Out a Pregnant Woman”.  Hopefully it will comfort any soon-to-be mom, as it would have been comforting to me during my pregnancy with my son. We had lots of scary things thrown at us, from him having choroid plexus cysts, to down syndrome, to trisomy 18. Thankfully despite all those “soft markers”, we were blessed with a healthy baby boy.

In 2011, “What To Expect The Second Year”, came out. It features 15 chapters from traveling with your toddler, taming tantrums, playing and making friends, picky eating and much more.  I love how well laid out this book is, instead of breaking it down from week to week or month to month, like it’s predecessors, this book is divided into various topics.

My favorite section that I read was “Helping the Medicine Go Down”.  One tip they mentioned was to try numbing your toddlers taste buds by having him/her suck on an ice pop just before taking the medicine.   I wish I had known some of these tips on those days my kids spit out the medicine I just gave them.

WTE also has a wonderful website that really brings the “What to Expect” books to life – it is an online parenting community that you will really enjoy…so be sure to check it out.

Here’s how to win:

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