Apple Tree Painting with Wine Corks

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to do a little painting outside.  We used wine corks to paint an apple tree, an idea that I got from The Picky Apple.


  • Wine Corks
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Plate
  • Paint brush


My daughter loves to get messy, and one of her favorite art projects is to paint her hand and make hand prints.  So to make the tree’s trunk I decided to take a paint brush and paint her hand and arm brown.

After placing her hand and arm print onto the paper, I poured some green and red paint onto a plate.  Then I told her to make some leaves and apples onto the tree trunk by stamping the paint onto the paper with the corks.
First she painted some leaves…


And then some apples.

Then she decided to do some two-handed stamping.

Here’s her final painting.  She told me that there was a big apple falling from the tree.  Which is why there is a huge line of red to the right of the tree.  =)