Thumbkin and Friends Personalized Prints Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day Handprint

A dear friend of mine, who is an amazing artist, started out doing hand print/foot print art for fun with our mommy playgroup.  We were all so impressed with her creations, that we encouraged her to start her own little business, and so Thumbkin and Friends Personalized Prints was born.

Last year, I asked Siara to create a dinosaur hand/footprint art for my son’s bedroom. I can’t even begin to describe in words how much I love the piece she created for him.  The pictures I have posted don’t do her artwork any justice, but without a doubt I must say each one is amazing.  I’ve definitely had lots of friends who have come by the house admire her work.

Dinosaur Hand and Footprint

Siara truly captures your child’s hand and/or footprint in an original custom made art piece that will become a sentimental keepsake.


Superheroes…with footprint capes!

I am truly excited to be able to bring my readers the chance to win a free customized art piece by Siara. Unfortunately I can only offer it to those living in Orange County, California, unless of course you and your child are willing to make the trip to Orange County to meet with Siara.  =)

No worries if you don’t win my giveaway…For a limited time, my readers can also receive a free print if you book a Thumbkin and Friends Personalized Prints Party of at least 5 people or more. Siara is also offering my readers a $3 discount off of any one print you order from her when you mention Juggling With Kids.  To see more of her prints please visit and “like” her Facebook page Thumbkin and Friends Personalized Prints.


Beautiful Princess Handprint