Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Making a toilet paper roll bird feeder is a fun little craft that is quick and simple.  And the best part is watching for the many little “visitors” that will be coming around.


  • Peanut butter
  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Bird seed
  • Plates
  • Small bowls to put the peanut butter in.
  • Butter knife (we just used disposable knives, I thought it would be easier for the kids to handle)


Using your knife take some peanut butter and coat your toilet paper roll.

Notice how I put the peanut butter in small bowls for the kids….

This is why…they were ALL sneaking a bit of peanut butter while doing this project. It was quite hilarious…I’m so glad my Costco size peanut butter jar isn’t contaminated by double dippers!

After the kids were done spreading peanut butter on the toilet paper rolls, I went around and made sure there weren’t huge globs of peanut butter (otherwise it would have dripped off the roll).

Next, give the kids a plate of birdseed and have them start rolling their peanut butter covered toilet paper roll in it.

Then go outside and find a tree branch to slip the roll onto.  (That’s the best part about this birdseed feeder…no strings needed.  Although if you wanted to, you could slip a string or ribbon through the toilet paper roll and tie it to a tree).

Love the expression on her face….looks like it’s taking a lot of energy to do this!

We didn’t see any birds yesterday, but this is what we saw this morning when we looked out the window.