Create your own Rainstorm

Reading Confetti has a great weather blog hop going on right now and inspired us to create our own rainstorm.


  • Drinking glass or vase
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Shaving cream


Fill drinking glass or vase with water and then top the water completely with shaving cream (clouds).

Then add blue food coloring to the “clouds”.  Please note that this works best to concentrate the food coloring in a couple areas…rather than add a drop here or there.

Look!  It’s starting to rain!

Here’s another rainstorm we created the day before.

Why stop there?  The kids wanted to keep the fun going by making colorful rain. =)

They loved it! We did this activity two days in a row.

My little girl just loved watching the food coloring dance around in the water.

My son wanted to know what would happen if we stirred the shaving cream into the water.  He said “Look mom!  We made fog!”

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