The Spinning Penny

My son has been wanting to do a chemistry experiment where you can make pennies turn a blueish green color.  So I jumped online to find the instructions to do just that.   However I got side-tracked and I stumbled across “the spinning penny“.  I actually didn’t believe this would work, and  I sort of laughed at the warning Steve Spangler Science had put at the top of the page… “Warning: The spinning penny trick is known to be addicting”. However I found myself sitting there endlessly spinning a penny in a balloon.


  • Penny
  • Balloon


Put the penny in the balloon.  Please make sure the penny is completely inside the balloon, so that there are no risks of choking on the penny.  Then blow it up and tie off the end.While holding the balloon, spin it in a circular motion.  The penny will bounce around at first but once you get the momentum going it will spin around.

Here’s a short little video I took to show what it looks like:

We even tried adding two pennies inside our balloon for more fun, and it worked. 😉  Although after a few minutes our balloon popped.