Weekly Kids Co-op: Come and play! {#3}

Happy Friday everyone!  We hope that everyone has been having a great week!  Sorry I haven’t been able to do much posting lately…but I’m almost done with the school semester and we’ll be able to share more soon! Until then, come see all the fabulous, fun ideas that have been linked up on our weekly play date!
Here’s a few that we enjoyed reading from last weeks play date:

1.  This is such a brilliant idea!  We loved how Mama’s Little Muse up-cycled dried out marker caps and turned it into a fun jump rope!

2.  This is a wonderful post by Creekside Learning on fun ways you can read more to your child.

3. Life is always magical and more interesting when you step outside of your comfort zone.  Here are 10 great ideas written by 52 Brand Name on helping your child get out of their comfort zone.

We hope that you’ll find more inspiration with all the wonderful activities posted below.  Have a great weekend!