Colorful Noodle Necklaces

My daughter loves to play dress up, so I thought it would be fun if we made our own noodle necklaces.  I never realized just how easy it is to make these colored noodles.  My daughter had a great time making her necklaces while practicing her fine motor skills as well.  We followed this recipe from Many Little Blessings.


  • Noodles (tube noodles such as macaroni, penne, rigatoni, wheels)
  • Yarn or string
  • Zip lock bags or any container with a lid
  • Paper towel
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Food coloring
  • Tape


First add some noodles to your zip lock bag.  At the time I did this craft, I had thought the coloring would only work best if the noodles were completely covered in alcohol.  However, since then, I am learning that some people only use a few tablespoons of alcohol and shake the bag to get the color distributed onto the noodles.  So I probably should have used less, but the post I read recommended 1/4 cup of alcohol.

Next add some food coloring.   The number of drops will depend on how vibrant you want the color of the noodles to be.  My drops ranged from 10-20 drops.

Some people just shake their bags for 5-10 minutes (the ones who use less alcohol).  I however followed the instructions to let the pasta sit for a few hours.  You will see that the longer you let the pasta sit, the richer and more vibrant the colors become.

Once the pasta is at your desired coloring, drain the alcohol and set them out to dry on a paper towel.  I think the colors turned out beautifully, especially the neon green!

Once the pasta is fully dry, tape one end of some string to the table (it makes it easier for the younger kids, otherwise the noodle will end up sliding off the other end).

She was so focused in making her necklace.

Ta-da!  She loves her noodle necklace!

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