First Day of School Angry Bird Sign

My kids love angry birds….and so my girlfriend gave me this awesome idea of making a handprint Angry Bird.  I love making handprints for my children as little keepsake reminders of how small they once used to be.  So I decided to kick off their school year with a handprint Angry Bird sign.


  • Paint (I used white, red, gray)
  • Paint brushes
  • Plate
  • Paper (blue, brown, orange, black)
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Rubber band
  • Printer


First take a plate and add the three colors of paint you are using.  Make sure you have a paintbrush for each color because the paint can dry quickly and you don’t have time to clean the brush between paintings.  Take your child’s hand and color in the white paint as shown below.

Next take the red paint and fill in the rest of the hand and the thumb.

Now finish off the rest of the fingers with gray.  (This part shows the bird is “soaring” through the air).  Then very carefully turn your child’s hand over and place onto your paper.  I thought that blue was the best color for our paper since blue is the color of the sky.  Plus the white paint won’t show up on white paper.  When placing the hand onto the paper, gently push the hand and each individual finger down to make sure the paint gets onto the paper.

Next, print out a sign “Soaring into ___ Grade!” with the date at the bottom.

Cut out the handprint, some black eyebrows, an orange beak, and a brown sling shot (I cut out a “Y” shape) and cut a piece of rubber band to glue on the bottom.  I used regular glue for the sling shot because I wasn’t sure if a hot glue gun would melt the rubber band.  But super glue probably would have worked best as it was tricky to get the rubber band to adhere to the paper with regular glue.  I placed a heavy book on top of the sling shot over night to make sure it stayed on…and so far it’s stayed on.  Glue the rest of the face onto the bird.  And with a pen draw a curved line through the beak.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture of that, but you can see the line in the top photo.

Have your child pose with the sign on the first day of school!