Fishing Snack

I found this cute snack idea for the little ones on  It’s super simple and lots of fun for the kids.


  • Blue construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Small containers or little cupcake liners
  • Pretzels (small or large rods)
  • Fish crackers
  • Cream cheese (we used regular and a berry cream cheese)
  • Peanut butter (sunflower butter, almond butter, etc.)


First cut out a fun “lake” shape out of the blue construction paper.

Next add your fish crackers to the “lake”.  Then put your cream cheese or peanut butter in small containers for dipping.

First we used large pretzel rods to fish for our fish crackers.

The girls dipped their fishing poles in their choice of “bait” which was peanut butter, plain cream cheese, and berry cream cheese.

Then they went fishing for a fish cracker.


Then we tried out the smaller pretzel rods.  I think the girls overall enjoyed using the smaller pretzel rods.

“Look how many fish I caught!”