Contact Paper Jellyfish

The girls had lots of fun making giant jellyfish out of contact paper.  I found this cute craft idea on a blog called Princess With a Half Prince Tiara.


  •  Two sheets of clear contact paper
  • Ribbon -We used curly ribbon and fabric ribbon.   Next time however I will use ALL curly ribbon just because I liked how it looked.
  • Scissors
  • Sequins, glitter, stickers (anything to decorate your collage with)
  • Clear tape (the girls added so much to their collage it was hard for the contact paper to stick together, so we closed the edges up with tape).


First we gathered our supplies (glitter, stickers, sequins, and ribbon) and then I cut out large pieces of contact paper in the shape of a letter “D”.  I cut two pieces out together, so that they would be the same size.  We also cut out ribbon for our tentacles.

We peeled the backing paper off one of the sheets of contact paper.  I then let the girls decorate their jellyfish to their hearts content.  They could either put their tentacles on first or decorate the body.
We read on the internet that there are more than 200 species of jellyfish and the number of tentacles they have varies from just a few to more than 800.  We added 15 ribbons (tentacles) to our jellyfish.

My daughter counting the tentacles.

Once the girls were done, we peeled the other sheet of contact paper and stuck the two sheets of contact paper together.  I then taped the outer edges so the two pieces of contact paper wouldn’t come apart.  The completed craft looks really pretty hanging in the window.