Painting on Tinfoil

My daughter loves to paint, so I thought we would change it up a bit and try painting on foil.  It’s a fun and unique activity that adds a touch of sparkle to our art projects. If you have an infant, you can try this painting activity with them as well using these painting with baby tips.


  • Paint (we used tempura)
  • Paint brushes
  • Tinfoil
  • Tape
  • Child’s Art Smock
  • Dish Soap (optional)- I read that adding a small amount of dish washing liquid to your paint will help the paint  stick to the foil better and not flake off when it dries.  Since our painting surface was really large, I wasn’t planning on keeping our painted masterpiece, so we skipped this step.


First take the tinfoil and tape long strips down onto your table.


Next, I took the tempura paint and I added a few squirts of it around the table.

My daughter then started painting away with the paintbrushes.

I knew the paintbrushes wouldn’t last long….she ALWAYS ends up painting with her hands.


Which is why this DIY child’s art smock is GREAT because paint ALWAYS ends up on her clothes.

She loves the feel of paint on her hands.

We talked about colors and how we can make different colors by mixing two paints together.  Here she mixed blue and red to make purple.

We of course had to make her FAVORITE color pink by mixing white and red.

She was so excited that she made the color pink!

She wasn’t quite done…and wanted to fill every inch of the tin foil with paint.

All finished!  Here is her masterpiece.

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