Upcycled Child’s Art Smock


If your child loves to paint like my daughter does, then you probably know how much paint can get on their clothes in a matter of minutes.  I thought I’d share this clever tip that I got from a Joyful Parenting class that I attended when both my children were toddlers.


-Man’s long sleeve button down shirt.  Use one that you are about to throw away or donate.


Have your child put their arms into the shirt, wearing it backwards. Then button up the back of the shirt.

Then roll up the sleeves up to their wrists (the more skin it covers the less clean-up).
Then let your child paint away.  We were painting on tinfoil …my daughter loves to paint with her hands.

Look how messy my hands are!

See how much paint she got on herself?  Daddy’s old shirt saved the day and kept her clothes all clean!  Just throw it in the washing machine when they are done painting, and it will be ready to go for the next time.

Another great supply to have on hand when the kids are painting….baby wipes.