Baby Bird Nest

Here is a fun Spring time craft for the little ones that I found on Busy Bee Kids Crafts.  The girls loved making this cute craft…especially my daughter!  She ended up spending an additional 20-30 minutes on this craft (I lost track of time) adding her own special touch of what she thought the birds nest needed.  Can you take a guess as to what wasn’t originally part of the craft?


  • Plastic egg (one half for each bird)
  • Brown construction paper (we used yellow also) for the nest
  • Orange and blue construction paper for the birds
  • Paper plate
  • Brown paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Leaves, flowers, buttons, etc. (optional)


First take some brown paint and paint your paper plate.
While waiting for your plate to dry, fold a small piece of orange construction paper and cut out a triangle on the fold, to make the bird’s beak.  Glue it in between the two air holes on your egg.  If your egg doesn’t have the two air holes, then you can draw some eyes with a black sharpie.  Because the glue can take a while to dry, I might try double sided tape next time.
Next we cut out two wings for each baby bird.  Make a tiny fold at the bottom of each wing to make it easier to glue onto the egg.  Again, double sided tape may be easier.
Cut some brown and yellow rectangular strips of paper to put around the paper plate.  While I was doing this, I had the girls paint glue around the edges of the plate.
Next have them start adding the brown and yellow strips of paper around the lip of the paper plate (where they painted the glue).
Once finished, place your baby birds on top of the nest.  You can glue them on if you want.  The girls preferred to not glue their birds on so they could play with them.  This is how our craft ended up looking at first…
But after my daughter’s friend left…she decided to continue playing with the craft.  I still had glue and other craft material out.  So she spent another 20-30 minutes trying to figure out what else she should use to finish her bird’s nest.  She ended up adding leaves, flowers and buttons.  I think it was a wonderful addition to this project, since birds use all sorts of materials to make their nests.  What do you think?
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