Interactive Pirate Treasure Map #SummerofJoann

Creating a fun treasure map with kids can be an exciting and interactive activity that ignites their imagination and sense of adventure. Make this interactive pirate treasure map, and embark on a creative journey with us. Begin by sketching out a map that includes landmarks, such as trees, rocks, and a marked X for the treasure’s location. And after creating this fun craft, have an adventure at home using these treasure hunt clues for kids.


(I tried to find links to the products off of JoAnn’s website…please note that I could not find a link for all of them)
  • Peel & Stick foam sheets (blue for our water)
  • Cork Roll
  • Wood craft match sticks (flag pole)
  • Binder clips (to use as stands for our pirate stickers)
  • Pirate stickers
  • Palm tree stickers
  • Jewels dimensional stickers (treasure)
  • Skull and bones stickers
  • Self-adhesive felt (in a variety of colors) Note: I added a link but we bought ours individually, it did not come in a package, so I’m not sure if this is the same brand.  I loved using this because we did not have to deal with messiness of glue.
  • Play dough
  • Brown paint
  • Paint brush
  • Egg carton


First my son sketched out what he wanted his treasure map to look like with paper and pencil.

We then peeled four self-adhesive blue foam sheets to our cork roll to make our ocean.

Then using our green self-adhesive felt, we cut out a large island.
Next we traced the letter X on the back of red self-adhesive felt.

Then we cut it out.

We were going to stick the “X” on the large island but at the last second we decided to cut out another mini island out of a lighter green felt (we didn’t have anymore of the dark green) and put the treasure on the small island.

Next the kids used some jewel stickers to show that there is lots of treasure where “X” marks the spot.

We also cut out a couple mountains using brown self-adhesive felt to add to our island.

We added some palm tree stickers around the islands too.
We cut out a square piece of self-adhesive black felt out and added a skull and bones sticker to make a pirate flag.  We then cut out a tiny rectangular piece of white self-adhesive felt to make a flag pole.

The kids added their pirate flag next to one of the mountains.  And then started to make a trail to find their way to the treasure by cutting out small rectangular pieces of black self-adhesive felt.

We then cut out two egg carton cups and painted it brown to make our pirate ship.

While we were waiting for our pirate ships to dry, I took our pirate stickers and stuck it to the sticky side of the black self-adhesive felt and cut it out.  This was just to help make our pirates extra sturdy for play.

I put small binder clips on the bottom of our pirate sticker men so they could easily stand up.

I had some left over brown play dough so I added a tiny bit to the bottom of our pirate ships so we could stick our pirate flags into the ship.

I made the pirate flags using the black-adhesive felt and the skull and bones stickers. I used craft match sticks for the flag pole, but a skewer might work just as well.

Our pirates easily fit into our pirate ships.


The kids enjoyed playing with their interactive treasure map.

Here’s what our pirate treasure map looks like all completed.

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