Shark in the Park! Alphabet Game + Free Printable: Virtual Book Club for Kids

This month we read the book “Shark in the Park” by Nick Sharratt.  It’s a fun story about a kid named Timothy Pope who looks through his telescope and thinks he sees “a shark in the park.” A die-cut hole (on the cover and throughout) zeros in on what he thinks in each case is a shark fin; however once you turn the page, you discover it wasn’t a shark after all!

I decided to create a game inspired by this fun book and made shark fins with alphabet letters on them.  I also made a “pretend” telescope for my daughter.  She then looked through it to find her own “shark in the park”, however when turning over the fin, she finds out it wasn’t a shark after all…it was just the letter _____!  It was a fun way for her to begin learning her lower case letters.



First paint paper towel tubes to make your telescope.  I decided to make it fun and painted it a pretty fuchsia.

While waiting for the paint to dry, print out these shark fin alphabet cards and or number cards onto card stock paper.  I have made cards for Lower-case letters ,  Upper-case letters & Numbers 1-30 (see links above to download the free printables).  Then cut them out.

After the paper towel tubes are dry, I cut a slit down the center of one and overlapped its edges, until it fit inside the other tube.

I then taped it down with washi tape (or regular tape is fine).  I liked the print so much, I ended up covering the entire second tube with the washi tape. (not pictured here).

I also put some washi tape around the ends.

This is what our telescope looked like once I was finished.

As she looked around for a shark fin she found MOM!

She spotted a shark fin and shouted “There’s a shark in the park!”  And when she grabbed it….

“It wasn’t a shark!  It was the letter K!”

I hope you enjoyed our alphabet game.  If you have a fun activity that goes with a Nick Sharratt book, please join our linky party below!

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