Free Teacher Printable Questionnaire for End of School Year Teacher’s Gift

“All About My Teacher” Questionnaire

Over the past five years, our family has cherished the adorable tradition of receiving delightful questionnaires from our kids on Mother’s and Father’s Day. We’ve had countless laughs at their amusing answers while also being touched by their heartfelt responses. This year, we’ve come up with an idea to extend the joy and appreciation to the dedicated teachers who have made a significant impact on our children’s lives.

To make this happen, I sat down with my son, and together we curated a selection of meaningful questions for an end-of-year questionnaire. We believe this thoughtful gesture will allow our children to express their gratitude and give their teachers something special on the last day of school. We’re excited to share this questionnaire sheet with you, and we encourage you to print it out and present it to your children’s teachers as well.

By spreading this heartwarming tradition, we hope to foster stronger bonds between students, parents, and teachers, while also celebrating the remarkable dedication and hard work that educators put into shaping the lives of our children.

Please feel free to download and use the questionnaire sheet provided below:

Download the Free Printable:
All About My Teacher Questionnaire Printable

Thank you for joining us in honoring our amazing teachers and making a lasting impact on their lives through this endearing gesture. Together, let’s show our appreciation for the remarkable individuals who inspire and educate our children day in and day out.

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