Mini Lighthouse Craft

Finally it’s summer! Here’s a simple summer craft to do when your kids when they’re bored and claim there is nothing to do.  We got the idea here from Home Spun Threads.


  • washi tape or any decorative tape
  • Scissors
  • Blue or red plastic cup
  • Clear plastic cup
  • Battery-operated tea light


These are super simple to make and the pictures are probably self explanatory.  First I let the girls add the stripes to the bottom of the lighthouse with the decorative tape.
They used scissors to cut the right length of tape.

My daughter wanted to add some more tape to the top portion of the cup, so she put the smaller cup on top before putting in the battery operated tea light.

Showing off her lighthouse….our neighbor friend took hers home before I could get a picture! 🙂
Here’s our lighthouse all lit up.  It makes for a cute little night light.