Simple, Easy, Inexpensive Floral Hair Clips

Hair clips for girls can be super expensive to purchase.  But you can easily make your own for half the cost or cheaper.  There are always 40-50% coupons you can use to purchase the flowers and ribbons at your favorite craft store.  And the box of clips can be purchased at a beauty supply store for a reasonable price.


  • Ribbon (grosgrain works best in my opinion)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Artificial/Silk Flowers
  • Metal Prong Hair Clips
  • Lighter (You can seal the end of the ribbon by heating it with a lighter)


First I wanted to measure how long of a ribbon I needed.  I first clipped the clip onto the end of the ribbon…..

I then wrapped the ribbon around the areas of the clip I wanted to have covered by the ribbon.  You can choose how much or how little of ribbon you want to cover the clip.  I prefer to cover the entire clip.

Next, cut the ribbon to size and then slowly glue gun the ribbon by sections onto the clip.

Continue to hot glue the ribbon to the clip and then fold it around the contours of the pinch part of the clip.  (Don’t worry, the clip will still pinch and the glue won’t affect the spring at all.)

Here’s how my clip looked when finished.

I then cut the flower I wanted to glue onto the clip.

Make sure you cut off as much of the stem as you can so that the flower can lay flat onto the clip.  It also helps to hot glue gun any floral pieces that may come apart after removing the stem.

Lastly, hot glue the flower to the clip and allow it to dry.  And you’re done!

Here’s my little girl modeling this floral clip.

And here are some more clips that I made: