Salad Spinner Art with Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk COVER PHOTO

Back in 2011, I took out our salad spinner and we used it to create salad spinner art.  The kids loved it and could spin art all day, but the paint can be expensive and before you know it, it’s all gone.  So I was trying to think of a frugal way that they kids could make spin art. 

I was looking back at our old blog posts and came across our condensed milk painting post, and thought this could be a great way to make spin art.  Our 99 cents store actually sells condensed milk, so what better way to combine these two fun activities to make it cheaper!


  • Salad Spinner
  • Small Bowls
  • Spoons (for mixing)
  • Food Coloring – in various colors
  • Condensed Milk
  • Thick Paper – such as construction paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Scissors
  • Jelly Roll Pan or any baking sheet


Add a little bit of condensed milk into each container.
condensed milk painting 01 WM
condensed milk painting 2 WM
Then add a few drops of food coloring…the amount will depend on how strong you want your colors to be.  I would recommend starting out with 2 drops.  After stirring, add a couple more drops for a darker color.
condensed milk painting 3 WM
The girls actually had fun tinting the condensed milk themselves…here were the results of how bright they wanted the colors to be.  Please note that we used the neon food colors.
condensed milk painting 4 WM
 We then used the spoons to dabble the colors onto the paper. (Not shown…We took the basket of the salad spinner out and used the bottom of the basket to trace onto our paper the exact size needed to be cut out).
condensed milk painting 5wm
 Keep adding as much paint as you want….
condensed milk painting 6WM
And then close the lid and start spinning.  It’s best to do this project on top of a cookie sheet to contain the mess.
condensed milk painting 0 8WM
Take the lid of to see the beautiful art you created!
condensed milk painting 10WM
 Doesn’t it look pretty?  It looks just as pretty as regular paint.  And the best part is…once dry…it isn’t sticky at all!
condensed milk painting 12WM
I love how the condensed milk beads up when falling from the spoon.  It looks like cotton candy sugar.
condensed milk painting 13WM
On this one we didn’t put as much paint on…so it created a nice design.
condensed milk painting 14WM
However on this one….we drenched the center with tons of paint.
condensed milk painting21WM
And this was the result… I love how the colors all blended together.
condensed milk painting 16
My daughter thought it needed more of a personal touch to it.
condensed milk painting 220WM
These paintings do need about a day or two to dry.  I’m thinking it might depend on the humidity in your area.  But once they are dry….they feel just like paint.  They won’t feel sticky at all.  We hope you have fun with this activity as much as we did!