Simple Ping Pong Ball Nerf Gun Target

nerf gun cover

My son loves playing with Nerf Guns…so we decided to make a simple Nerf Gun target for him to play with.  I found the idea on Pinterest one day when I came across a ping pong shooting gallery by One Smoove Family.  They made it as a game in their Carnival themed birthday party.  I loved the idea, however I didn’t want to go through the trouble of buying a piece of wood and drilling holes into it.

I found an old file box we weren’t using anymore, and decided it was perfect.  I could insert the golf ball tees into the bottom of the box with ease.



  • Cardboard File Box
  • Golf Ball Tees
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Nerf Gun
  • Nerf Gun Darts



Gather your supplies.

nerf gun games

Turn the filing box over and puncture the golf ball tees into the box.IMG_9052We were able to line 5 golf ball tees, which we thought were a good distance apart from each other.


Lastly, just balance the ping pong balls onto the golf ball tees.  And that’s it!  It’s so simple and easy!nerf guns3

Grab your Nerf Gun and darts and get ready for some fun!

nerf gun5

This is a great activity to do indoors on a rainy day…or in our case WINDY day!  It wasn’t really that windy outside, but there was a slight breeze that would blow the ping pong balls off the tees.  If you watch the youtube video my son edited you will notice how my daughter had a difficult time getting the ping pong balls to stay on the golf ball tees.  We had quite a laugh about it.


He would love it, if you would watch it and leave a comment, as he taught himself how to edit videos (he’s only 10).

nerf gun 4

We hope you enjoyed our quick and simple activity.  If you want another quick and fun indoor activity idea, please check out our Balloon Badminton activity!