First Day & Last Day of School Sign Printables

It’s hard to believe that another summer is coming to an end.  I’m getting ready to send my oldest off to his last year of elementary school.  (*tear) How crazy that time as flown this fast.  I feel like he was just in Kindergarten!

Every year I have my kids hold up a first day of school sign that I’ve found and printed from another blog.  This year however, I decided to be ambitious and make my own signs.  It wasn’t too hard creating it on PicMonkey…well coming up with a design I liked took a while, but the rest was pretty easy.

I also decided to jump the gun and add Last Day of School signs for this school year as well…that way you’ll have it right off the bat and won’t have to wait for me to upload them.first and last day of school 2016-17


  • Paper (card stock would is recommended)
  • Printer


Just download and print the signs that you need and print.

My kids don’t start school until the end of August, but they were kind enough to model the signs for me.