Why we love Sphero SPRK+…educational toy review


Hi there!  My name is Ethan and I am a fifth grader who is here to do a review on the Sphero SPRK+. This educational, phone controlled robot is a blast allowing you to code it, drive it, and do various other things such as change its colors and build things such as cars that can be powered by the Sphero.


Before we get into the rest of this review, I would just like to say a big  thank you to Sphero for providing us with a Sphero SPRK+ for this review.

The main feature about the Sphero SPRK+ is the ability to code it. Using drag and drop commands similar to code.org , the Lightning Lab app allows you to easily code your Sphero without having to drive it, change its colors, or do tricks.

This can also be used in order to code the Sphero to go in a certain course. Like they say, the only limit is your imagination. Although that is not the main purpose of the Sphero SPRK+ it is worth mentioning that if you get tired and want a break you can just drive the Sphero by flipping your phone horizontal.

Let’s get on to another detail about Sphero, which is its looks. One of the coolest features of the Sphero SPRK+ is that it has a clear outside shell that allows you to look at its technology. The cradle that charges the Sphero is also clear.  The Sphero SPRK+ also has bright LEDs that give colorful lights as you drive your Sphero.


Lets go back and get into it’s coding a bit more.

Now as I said in the Lightning Lab app you use drag and drop commands but this doesn’t mean its not educational or really easy. Like code.org you can see all the real code behind your program by pressing oval code. Also when you make your program you have to do things such as choose the speed and duration of a forward command, choose the brightness of what color you want the Sphero to change to.

If you want to see more you can do with the Sphero SPRK+ go to our video on the Sphero on Youtube to see the fun we had with it.

Those are about all the basics of the Sphero SPRK+. Go check out Sphero.com for more information.   You should definitely consider buying this awesome product. I loved how educational it is in teaching kids how to code.  It makes learning a lot more fun.  I think the highlight product of this holiday season will be for those Star Wars fans out there with the BB8 Sphero.