Lazy Susan Spin Art



Back in January, I tried this cool lazy susan spin art activity with my preschoolers, but because I was taking a break from blogging, I never posted it. This activity is definitely a big hit with the children and best of all, it promoted team work.

Today, I recreated the activity with the help of my daughter.  I unfortunately left my larger lazy susan at work, so we are making do with my smaller one. But I will include photos at the bottom of my post, with the other lazy susan as well.

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  • White Paper
  • Colored Markers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Lazy Susan


Take your lazy susan, flip it upside down onto your paper and trace around it with a marker.  If your lazy susan happens to be bigger than the paper you have…then get a smaller circular container to trace onto your paper.  Then cut out the circle.  To save time, I would cut as many papers as your scissors will allow at one time, only because your child(ren) will want to do this more than once.spinart2

Next, tape the round paper onto your lazy susan.   I usually tape it in 3 different areas to make sure it doesn’t come lose during spinning.


Then you are ready to create your spin art.  Just hold the marker loosely in your hand in the center of the paper.  I say loosely because I have noticed that some want to hold the marker strongly on the paper and this prevents it from being able to move freely as the lazy susan is spinning.  Then have a friend start spinning the lazy susan.spinart6

Watch our Youtube video Spin Art in action.

Here is an example of some preschool children getting ready to create spin art.

spinart10 Another photo of the art being created.  I’ve had instances where 3-4 children are spinning the lazy susan at the same time.


And here is what the final product looks like.