Children’s Quarantine Footprint Art 2020


My family and I have been quarantined at home for 44 days now.  It’s been hard, but we’ve been making the most of it.  Today, my daughter and I made this cute quarantine sign using my daughter’s foot prints.  


-Pink paint
-Paint brush
-Paper plate
-Baby wipe or washcloth
-White paper
-Blue/Green paper
-Little kids feet
-Black marker


Put your paint onto a paper plate.  We didn’t have pink so we mixed our own using red and white.

Next, paint your child’s feet.  My daughter said it tickled too much when I did it, so she decided to do it herself.  

I then had her step onto a white piece of paper.  We drew some ears and a tail and set aside the paper to dry.  While the paint was drying, I went onto the computer and found clipart of a house and sun and printed them out.  I also printed out the words “These little piggies stayed home.  Quarantine 2020”.

Once the paint dried, I cut the pigs out.  I then glued on the button for a snout and ribbon.  And used a black sharpie to draw the eyes.

I took a blue and green piece of paper and taped them together to create a landscape.  I then glued the clip art and piggies to the paper.


We hope you enjoyed our quarantine foot print art.