Stained Glass Chalk Art

Just like everyone else, we are stuck at home during this quarantine, trying to figure out how to keep ourselves busy day by day.  We noticed on social media that many of our friends were making these cool stained glass chalk art on their driveways/sidewalks.   My daughter and I decided to jump in on this trend and give it a try. The best part is it’s an easy art activity!


-Sidewalk Chalk
-Painter’s Tape


Start by adding tape to the ground in a fun geometric design.  My daughter made a starburst design all by herself.  While I decided to do a regular square shape.  After seeing how beautiful our designs turned out, I decided to create a butterfly.

Next, start coloring each area with a different color.  Our driveway had these small little bumps that made it a bit difficult to color, but we soon figured out we could fill these spaces by rubbing the chalk dust into these crevices.  

Even without removing the tape the stained glass chalk art looked really cool.

But we really enjoyed how our designs looked once we removed the tape.