Preschool Passover Activities and Crafts

Happy Passover!  We’ve had a busy few weeks getting ready for Passover in my classroom.  I just wanted to highlight some of the fun things we did just incase anyone wanted ideas for their own classroom in the years to come.  If anyone wants to make a tasty snack for their kids, try this recipe of Matzah Brei.



The children made baskets out of play-dough for Baby Moses to float down the River Nile.  Follow this link for a great play-dough recipe.

The children made a matzah man.  We traced a square flat lego piece, rubbed a crayon to get the texture of the lego onto the paper, and cut the square out.  The children added arms, legs, and created a face with googly eyes.  This was a great project to exercise their fine motor muscles.

The children sponged painted individual triangles.  We then put 4 pieces together to create a larger pyramid.

The children worked hard and dug a pretend “River Nile” in our playgrounds sandbox.  We lined the bottom with tin foil, added some river rocks, baby Moses and toy fish.  We then turned on the hose and let the water run for a fun water day.  Thankfully the temperature was a beautiful 70 degrees Farenheit.

We had a collaborative project working like slaves building a city for Pharaoh.  We mixed glue, paint and sand together to make our “mortar”.  And then we used some old wooden blocks to create a wall and city.

Our classroom mural of Egypt.

Our class created a painting/drawing of “Moses Parts the Red Sea”.  I think this painting/drawing turned out beautifully.  We also did a science experiment Moses Parts the Red Sea.

Using metallic markers, glue and gems the children decorated kiddish cups to use at our mock Passover Seder.

Our mock Passover Seder table was decorated using blue tablecloths, brown butcher paper, wooden people, seashells, frogs, rock gems and flowers.