Dreidel Spinning Paint Art


Happy Hanukkah!  We decided to try a fun way to spin the dreidel by dipping them in paint. The children had a great time watching the dreidels splash paint onto their papers. 

Dreidel is the traditional game played to celebrate Hanukkah. The letters on the dreidel — nun, gimel, hey, and shin — are interpreted to stand for the first letter of each word in the Hebrew statement Neis gadol hayah sham, which means, “A great miracle happened there” this statement refers to the defeat of the Syrian army and the re-dedication of the Temple in the story of Hanukkah. 


-Tray (cookie sheet or wooden tray) This is only if you want to keep mess contained.
-Plastic wrap or foil to cover the tray (optional for easier clean up)
-White paper
-Paint (we chose traditional Hanukkah colors: yellow and blue)
-Paper plates or pie tins to put the paint in


Gather all the supplies and set up (see below).  Invite children over to spin the dreidels.  

Some of the children had never spun a dreidel before, so we provided plenty of opportunities to practice before this activity.  

If they child is able to spin the dreidel with a good spin to it, the dreidel will create a fun splatter effect.