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Last updated: 4/30/2016

Working with Juggling With Kids

Display Advertising

We currently work with Mediavine and are not accepting display ads.


I am quite selective about the product reviews I accept. It must be a product I’m interested in and also a good fit for my audience. I do not charge for editorial reviews, nor do I promise inclusion or meet any deadlines. I will be candid about my experience and opinions. If you want me to guarantee inclusion or have key message points you want me to share with my audience, you may want to consider a sponsored post.


I offer one entry for a relevant comment and additional optional entries for following the brand on Twitter or subscribing to newsletters, etc. I do not offer entries for “likes” on Facebook, as I believe that violates Facebook’s TOS. My giveaways generally garner between 100 and 300 entries. Please do not mail giveaway items to me. Sponsoring brands must handle fulfillment.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are advertorials where I convey your key message points in a way that fits organically into my content and engages my audience. We can work together to create a storyline that is mutually agreeable.


I am available as a brand spokesperson/ambassador, and I am able to represent your brand at blog conferences.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Jugging With Kids! Please contact us with any questions or inquiries. 🙂