Akane Everitt

Q is for Queen

Every time my son brings home a project/homework from school that requires glue, my daughter begs that I let her glue something too.  She loves it!  So I decide...

Taco Pasta

I love finding recipes on blogs...but I especially love it when the blogger mentions that their kids loved the meal.  If you've read my recipe post on Creamy Be...

Akane Everitt

Mom, Childhood Educator

Hi! I'm Akane, the founder of Jugglingwithkids.com. I am a certified early childhood educator and the mother of two amazing young children. As a preschool teacher, I work with kids every day, planning developmentally appropriate activities based on children’s interests and needs supported by foundations in child development theory. Here on my blog, I share crafts, play ideas, and reviews that help parents create a fun, creative and safe environment for their kids' growth and well-being. I hope you enjoy!